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Is maternity Care Centre right for you?

Maternity care center (also known as Birth Care Centers) is referring as an inclusive parental program which suggests amenities from the members of a team of maternity care center. Obstetricians (a doctor with specialization in how to care for pregnant women and help in the birth of babies), Midwives, Family, Surgeons, and a Nurse consultant propose Maternity care to women.

There are two foremost types of Maternity Care Centers:

  • free standing centers.
  • centers which are in or near a hospital and associated with the hospital.

The Maternity care center which is affiliated with the hospital is prospectively having a complex mediation level because it has to obey the rules and regulations of the hospital. Because hospital criteria vary, and hospital-associated maternal care centers criteria vary too. If you are seeing your baby at a hospital associated maternal care center you have to ask these questions while interrogating them:

  • The maternity care center where you are going through must have its private staff.
  • On which circumstances, the maternity care center’s staff depends upon hospital staff.
  • What is the relocation rate of the center?
  • What are the rates of C-sections?
  • What is the epidural rate?

Advantages of Maternity Care Centers A team of midwives, midwife, and assistance will attend your birth. Midwives who peculiar and run the maternity care center will attend your birth. The women who are going through low-risk gravidities, giving birth at the maternity care center are extreme safer than at the hospital.

In maternity care centers midwives treat women like people, not patients. They will help you to stay calm, stress-free and confident during the process of giving birth. In maternity care centers you will recompense about the same or less for the whole process of giving birth as compared to the hospitals.

Maternity care center provides a small staff of midwives, so the woman you see during your parental appointments is the one of the staff who attends your birth. In the list for the care of woman her family members and other friends are included In maternity care center policy of clear communication and the user-friendly policy empower the reputation of the center.

Disadvantages of Maternity care centers

Many maternity centers have inflexible rules and regulations about conveying of the mother to the hospital if she is having difficulties during labor.

If the baby needs special medication after the birth, sometimes the staff of the maternity care center is not able to fulfill the necessary needs. Sometimes these centers are more expensive than a hospital. In these centers, a mother cannot remain for two or three days’ rest.


The pons and cons of the Maternity care center are listed above, now it’s up to you to select whether you like to go to a  maternity care center or a hospital.


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