4 Best TV shows for moms

1. “The Handmaid’s Tale”

This TV show is about a mother-daughter feminist duo as they deal with Christian fundamental society in the US.  Though this show can be kind of depressing it can get really addicting. I recommend binge watching.

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2. “Bob’s Burgers”

Bob’s Burgers is an animated show about a chaotic family that goes through life dealing with each others problems. This is not exactly a show a mom show watch with her small children but it is certainly entertaining. I give this show a 4/5.

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3. “New Girl”

New girl is by far one of my favorite shows of all time. In this comedy, Zoey Deschanel “The New Girl” plays a smart but dorky girl in her quest for romance. She finds herself living with 3 unpredictable roommates that make her life rather interesting. Check out this funny comedy.

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4. Divorce

Raising two children together and sharing more than 10 years of marriage have taken a toll on Frances, who is suddenly reevaluating her life and the strained relationship she has with her husband, Robert.

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