4 Work-at-Home Jobs for Moms

Stay at home parents have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill, which can be overwhelming. When working away from home is not a preference, there are many work-at-home job options available for moms.  One of the main things that moms should focus on when searching for a home job is flexibility. Having an extra set of tasks to accomplish, like taking kids to school, forces moms to search for a job that’s flexible so it can fit perfectly in an already busy schedule. Below are some work-at-home jobs to consider that keep moms balanced in their daily lives.


Working as a telemarketer form home is a good way for moms to make an income. The pay is usually by the hour and there may be ways to get paid more. Telemarketers have the opportunity to earn incentives and commission, depending on how they perform while working. Finding a job as a telemarketer is more common than people expect, since there are plenty of openings available to apply for. Also, there are many of large companies that outsource their telemarketing operations to third parties who are eager to hire the right people. If you feel you have great incentive and plenty of patience then give this job a try.

Survey Taking

One thing that makes survey taking an ideal at-home job is that it’s very flexible. Contrary to what people may think, taking surveys as a way to make income is ideal. It may not pay the most, compared to other jobs, and you are usually required to set your own hours. That is why survey taking can function better as a side job since it’s not going to give you the big bucks. It can be very fun as some of the work that you’d be required to do includes watching ads and playing games online.

Customer Service Rep

People find this job useful for a variety of purposes. A main reason this job works for mostly anyone is that most companies allow you to set up your hours freely so you can fully manage other things in your life. Working as a customer service representative means that all the calls are inbound. There is no cold-calling required and many people just need good communication skills to get started. Also, some companies tend to provide benefits to their employees who are able to work for certain hours.

Online Tutor

With all the technology that is currently out there (i.e. phones, tablets, etc.), education is becoming more and more accessible to people not just in classrooms but online as well. That is why becoming a tutor is a great at-home job. You’ll have the opportunity to work one-on-one with students who live in the U.S. and globally as well. There is a wide range of school subjects that you can tutor, the most popular are math and English. This job usually requires that you have an iPhone or an iPad since a lot of the work is done through certain applications. To apply, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree and an updated teacher’s license.

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