Best EXE Locker software review

Software that can lock EXE/executable files is becoming more and more common. With windows ignoring the need for such an essential feature there is a wide-open market for such software and to exploit it there are many contenders. This makes choosing the right one a lot more difficult and this is where we come in, to help you decide and choose the best Exe locker that will satisfy your needs.

Now you may want an EXE locker software for a number of reasons, to name a few it can be that you want to keep you tax preparation software out of reach from everyone or you don’t want any one accessing or meddling with your programs and apps, or it might be that you share a computer with someone and you don’t want them using your programs and apps or accessing your private files.

There are other things such as chatting apps and browsers that you might want to keep private because they store your login information and passwords and it’s pretty understandable if you want to keep them locked up. Free EXE Lock is a software which handles all this very well. You can encrypt and lock any executable file with it and it will password protect it for you.

It’s fairly simple to use, the interface is mainly self-explanatory and it prompts and helps you through the process, all you have to do to password protect your files is:

1. Download and install Free EXE Lock.

2. Run Free EXE Lock and then click on select, this will let you choose the executable file you want to be protected.

3. You can also click Browse to open the directory of the executable file and them just double click it.

4. There is a “Back up the current executable file to *.bat” which you can check if you want the file you are encrypting backed up.

5. Now that you have selected a file type in a password which should be less than 18 characters and then retype it in the confirm box.

6. You can also check the mask password box if you don’t want your password appearing on the screen.

7. You can also set a custom prompt message.

8. Now click test and it will give you a preview of how it will appear after you are done.

9. Click the Encrypt button at the bottom and that’s it your file will be encrypted.

10. To decrypt when you want to access your .exe files just enter your password and click on decrypt.

Free EXE Lock also provides password protection for itself so that no one can try and interfere with it. This is a feature a lot of other similar software lack which leaves them vulnerable to people who try to corrupt or uninstall the software to get access to your files. All this is what makes Free EXE Lock the best EXE locker software there is and despite all the amazing features it’s totally free and easily available.

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