How to Save Big via the Connection of Your Laptop – Create WiFi Hotspot for Free

Have you ever received text messages reminding you of the data usage status to avoid unexpected data fee? Or do you often use 90% of data plan to online mobile games, listen to music, watch video and post photos in the first half of month and have to purchase extra data package to keep your routine activities going? Then you should consider using WiFi more than expensive cellular plan and relying on WiFi hotspots you can find. WiFi is now has been deployed worldwide in millions of homes and implemented in various working places and stores. When you are in a park, airport, cafe or library, WiFi gets you connected. However, in some cases, you have a network connection on your laptop but there is no free WiFi hotspot around – you can’t get your cellphones and tablets connected but using your cellular data. That’s when you need a program like Free WiFi Hotspot to create a WiFi hotspot for all your devices.

Data Usage

Creating a WiFi hotspot is no big deal when you have the right tool. Free WiFi Hotspot is one of the easiest WiFi hotspot creator app around. All that needs to be done is open it and choose the connection and start.

Free WiFi Hotspot

Why You Should, and Where You Can Use Free WiFi Hotspot?

WHY – These are the main advantages that make Free WiFi Hotspot attractive:

Free WiFi Hotspot can save you big bucks on cellular data; It makes Hotspot portable with your laptop; It can share all types of network connections on your laptop; It is far more stable and faster than the hotspot you can create with your cellphone; You don’t need to buy anything, no extra routers or other devices needed; And more…

Where – Not getting connected is UNBEARABLE! Now let’s imagine the situations that a hotspot would be desperately needed:


Say you are on a vacation from work, or on a family trip, in your vacation home you own/rent, for next few weeks. A mobile hotspot is one the best things to bring along because you don’t usually pay for the annual network fee for a house that’s nearly empty most of the year. Just bring your laptop and Free WiFi Hotspot.


Business Trips

If you are on a business trip, a reliable hotspot is necessary because you don’t always get the satisfying WiFi in any airport or hotel (many hotels even charge 15 bucks per night for WiFi). Why bother when you can make your own hotspot? You can get the real job done ASAP even when you are not in the office.


Afterwork Hours

What would you like to do in your relaxing hours and on the weekends? Walking or running in a park, making some gym time, getting a sun tan on a beach, having a picnic in an adjacent clearing, touring Disneyland with your children… You’ll never know when a WiFi connection is needed.

Afterwork Hours


I know you all have fast network connection at home but why not backup plan in place for the rainy days? The power failure, the broken WiFi router, weak signal… there are so many accidents that could bring your day down. Free WiFi hotspot can save you much time from rushing to the closest cafe or asking for your neighbor for a favor.


Battery Savings

Some of you may have “infinite” data plan that you can’t use up in time every month, so why use WiFi when you have enough cellular data? But let’s face this: using WiFi can reduce the rate at which your cellphone consume battery and extend your battery life. Your cellphone uses energy to receive data signal and it takes less energy for it to get signals from a much closer WiFi hotspot than a far-off cellular tower.


Free WiFi Hotspot can solve all these problems by simple steps:

Download and Install Free WiFi Hotspot

  • Set hotspot name and password as you want.

Set Hotspot Name and Password

  • Choose the connection you want to share.

Choose Connection

  • Start the hotspot.

Start Hotspot

Using it does not require any specialties or experience. It’s more like a turn-it-on/off thing. It’s not easy to find a clean and free WiFi hotspot app these days but Free WiFi Hotspot does set a good example. Meanwhile, it provides both Windows version and Mac version. It saves much money from using your cellular data, buying WiFi access or renting WiFi routers.

Save Money

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